Chinese Red Tea

Tea was born in China. It is scientifically called as camellia sinensis, and is being grown in China for more than five thousand years now. There are 6 primary kinds of Chinese tea - White tea, Yellow Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Red Tea or Black Tea and Pu'er Tea.

Green Tea is the highly popular tea in China, although Red Tea is very popular as well. Sometimes this tea is scented with flowers, and the most popular scent is jasmine. Nowadays, you can obtain flowering and handcrafted teas, which are knotted into amazingly beautiful shapes, and sometimes mixed with gorgeous flowers. Huang Shan and Anhui province produce some of the most beautiful and best tasting teas in the world.

Chinese mythology is very important towards the development of red tea. The story of the emperor who discovered tea when tea leaves fell into his boiling water is very well known and this may very well have been how red tea was discovered and thus named.

Black Tea is processed by withering the leaves and then bruising them by rolling and rubbing. Then it is completely oxidized prior to the baking process, followed by pan firing and shaping. The tea is then dried, after which it is refined, then graded and lastly, packed. Chinese Red Tea is extremely safe to drink, and has a lot of health benefits: it invigorates you, promotes well being by promoting calmness, is one among the best of antioxidants there is, a natural and effective anti-inflammatory agent, and reduces the signs and symptoms of lots of chronic diseases.

It is so popular that even the governments and educational institutions are funding tea research because of its health benefits. They are trying to push for tea to be part of everyone's normal diet so that hospital visits are decreased and life expectancy is increased. Many food specialists and health professionals are consistently writing about the benefits of Chinese red tea in medical journals and magazines to encourage people to drink red tea regularly and make it a part of their diet. It is also being recommended to diabetics and people who suffer from high blood pressure. It is especially useful for lower middle class population since red tea is not very expensive and anyone who has access to hot water can make it. It is also a refreshing drink that can be taken cold, but for authentic tea drinkers, it must be had hot. Chinese society has been enjoying the benefits of red tea for ages, and now it is for the world to see how it has benefited them.