Chinese Tea Culture

Chinese have been originally the inventors of TEA...And for centuries consumed it before it was introduced to the West. What's more important is that drinking tea was just not a matter of fact thing for the Chinese, but had a lot of historical importance as well. This can be supported by the fact that Tea Ceremonies were and are still organized in modern China.

Tea was not just a ritual, but the entire ceremony involved a process which deliberated on the basic disciplines in life. It indicated respect, courteousness, harmony and peace. It emphasizes the importance of consideration and respect shown to the guests. It symbolizes the beauty of service.

Tea ceremonies in China households are held periodically and especially when there are guests visiting. Different flavors of tea are served, and can be broadly classified into five types:

1. Black Tea.

2. Wulong Tea.

3. Compressed Tea.

4. Scented Tea.

5. Green Tea.

With more of the West clinging on to this culture, there have been several researches to find the health benefits that this drink possess.Incidently it happens to be second most thing that is consumed world wide. Most of the health benefits have been of cosmetic nature which has caught the attention of the world. They include curing skin disorders, weight loss etc. An interesting fact which revealed that smokers in Asia who smoked as much as the ones in the West had a lower chance of suffering from Cancer as they had a habit of drinking tea which was not in the case of the smokers in the West.

Several such finding has reiterated the benefits of Tea. Chinese Tea takes more preference as it is supposed to be the most authentic form of tea which is full of herbal and therapeutic value.

Tea is relatively inexpensive and easy to consume and has more effective ingredients than Soda or Coffee. This has been the key ingredient why this drink has become more famous and has easily accommodated in the Lifestyle of the populace. As scientist still hunt for that famous drug that could cure all, tea has much to contribute to this research.

It is surprising the fact that the world has now realized about tea was known and practiced by the Chinese since centuries. That's why they say Old is Gold...NO culture has developed if they have cut off from their roots. Cultures develop and take shape only to resurrect the mankind and well being of that generation. It cannot be compared to the future or it's past. Behaviors change Culture stays!!! Chinese Tea Culture is surely the one that's stayed ..No Wonder till date every Chinese restaurant anywhere in the World serves Chinese tea ..Complimentary...Remember it's a service !!!!