Chinese Tea Drinking

To start with the western way of drinking tea was influenced by the Chinese culture. To add to it the way tea is brewed and the drinking ways of it are all influenced by the Chinese drinking habits.

Hundreds of years ago the Chinese people first discovered the tea and used it as medicine. There were 8 types of tea discovered in the start, and more over all of them were used as medicines. Oolong tea, green tea, and black tea are a few of them which are still famous for their medicinal properties.

For the Chinese people drinking tea has always been the main feature in their lives. Tea drinking in china has been an attractive and impressive culture, further more it always been an important part of the social life in china. The Chinese culture is very closely related to Chinese tea drinking habits. Wide fields of studies are related to it. The Chinese way of drinking tea is appreciated as a form of art.

In spite of the fact that Chinese tea drinking is associated with the health of people since centuries, it has been proven scientifically just recently. Chinese tea drinking has many benefits to the human body. Chinese tea has many cooling properties more over because of the way people prepare it and also because of the Chinese drinking way; therefore it can be used as a cold drink to cut the heat during the summer season, in addition it refreshes the human mind and makes the person feel all the more alert; besides this it helps to boost the persons concentration. It also helps in curing irregular bowel syndromes and also helps in curing headaches and dizzy feeling.

Being at the table in a local Chinese house and watching them drinking tea is quite a wonderful experience as it has the rituals of a ceremony whenever they drink tea. Chinese tea drinking is not just a way of life for the Chinese people but it ceremony and ritual for them which is performed by every one in every family from the youngest to the oldest. It is quite an experience for the people who visit china to learn the way Chinese people drink tea

Drinking tea the Chinese way is a natural way to live a healthy and revitalized life, it also helps build your immune power and have a lean and fit body