Chinese Tea Leaf

China is the nation of origin of the tea cultivation. Discovered quite accidentally, the practise of tea drinking has been known to humanity since the last 5000 years of civilization. So what are the different types of the Chinese tea leaf? Chinese tea leaf is of mainly 3 different types. The black Chinese tea leaf, the green Chinese tea leaf and the white Chinese tea leaf and the Oolong Chinese leaf tea are the 4 main types.

The method of the processing determines the type of the tea. In the black variety of tea, the plants from which the tea leaves are obtained belong more or less to the Camellia sinensis family. The white types of tea are allowed to wither through a natural process, and only at lower range of temperatures. The slowness of the drying process allows time for the oxidization to take place. The green teas are also allowed to undergo slow drying or withering but after that they are put in to pan to expose them to high heats to prevent any further oxidization. Subsequent to that, these green teas are then put through a myriad of baking or frying processes, prior to getting packaged or refined or even graded.

The oolong variety of tea is permitted to drop a certain percent of their moisture content and allowed to dry off. But as soon as they dry off they are rolled using hands so that they can be oxidized even further, and they are either rolled in to threads or strands or balls, depending upon the type of the Oolong tea. But when you compare the green and the dark oolongs, it is the dark oolong which has undergone an increased level of oxidization.

Black tea is also allowed to desiccate off but after that they are manually rolled and twisted to bruise the leaves, with subsequent steps of pan firing or baking. But it is taken care of that the black tea leaves are fully and totally oxidized before they are put across for the baking or the firing.

The best benefits of the Chinese tea leaf is in its anti oxidant property. The poly phenols which are abundant in the tea leaves do contribute a major part in the therapeutic effect of the tea leaves. So get your cup of tea today and drink it regularly to gain some astounding health payoffs.