Chinese Tea Pots

Ancient Chinese have since invested on a variety of highly ornamented ceremonial dining wear using the most divine materials available. From using celadon, and porcelain, the Chinese has mastered the art of making these wonderful wears fit for the use of the emperor. These highly ornamented wears will forever change and shape the way we look at dining and dining wear. One of these items is the Chinese tea pots.

There is a long historical thread for these beautiful teapots. Primarily, the Chinese has not used teapots for their tea before. They usually put the leaves directly to the cup and let it sit to the bottom. However, modern creations of the teapot can still be based on Chinese influence. The use of wine vessels in China is an iconic forefather of the modern design of the teapots. When it reached the European soil, this wine vessel, with its globular shape has been the design of the teapots used in Europe.

With the continuous popularity of Chinese wears, mass production occurred resulting to the explosion of the trend in various countries all around Europe. As the Chinese are adept in creating beautiful earthen wares and porcelain items, the Europeans outsourced the production to China to have them create teapots with family crests and other designs. This has also changed the quality of the work. Other countries made simpler versions of these teapots and used a variety of design influences from romantic, rococo, Moorish and Art Nouveau. Metal teapots also became a trend.

As diverse as these teapots became, the precision and craftsmanship of the Chinese tea pots still brings wonders to everyone who behold them. The craftsmanship and the seamless and high quality lacquers and glazes to give that look are a marvelous reiteration of how decadent they truly are.

The Chinese teapots are a beautiful addition to any homes. Though authentic and really rare finds can be quite expensive, these items are of a great piece to have. If you are a serious collector, or if you like to have a good conversation piece at home, you would want to have Chinese teapots. There is a much modern version which you can use for everyday tea drinking. If you decide on taking into the bug of collecting Chinese wares then you should always look for authenticity, quality and impeccable craftsmanship. In these day and age, quality should become the primary concern on anything we purchase, even on a simple tea pot.