Chinese Tea Sets

Chinese or oriental tea sets would definitely be a little more stylish - basically, since these would not be so common in Europe and in the US, it would stand out and could become a topic for conversation when guests are invited over to your place for tea. These are quaint, a little more intricate and a little more artistic.

There are various types of Chinese tea sets which are available in the market – for instance, the Black Plum Yixing Tea Set which is available for a little under fifty dollars. What characterizes this is the attention paid to detail and the exquisite craftsmanship. All along the exterior can one see little, pretty flowers, buds and stems. The spout, lid and handle are designed so that they have an uncanny resemblance to twigs and barks. The dainty, little cups are sufficient to have a few sips of tea. The entire tea seat is presented in a typical Chinese style. There are four cups in all; along with a stainless steel mesh infuser. The teapot can contain approximately twenty five ounces of hot tea. Plain water is sufficient to clean this tea set – once cleaned; this can be kept out for drying. For sure, guests who have not seen a Chinese tea set will spend atleast a few minutes enquiring about the Chinese tea set and where did the host procure it from.

Another popular Chinese tea set is the Cobalt Blue Yixing Teapot Set which is approximately four dollars cheaper then the Black Plum Yixing Tea set. The sharp colors used make this very striking and really adds to any Asian decor. The uniqueness of this tea set is that is hand painted and hence takes time to manufacture – this is a typical example of Yixing workmanship. The teapot used here can contain approximately twenty ounces whereas each cup can hold about three ounces. Please keep in mind that you cannot use this for heating on a stove – it is much too delicate and chances are that it can adversely affect the hand paint.

Another interesting Chinese tea set is the Swan Yixing Teapot and Cups which also sell for the same price as the Black Plum Yixing Tea Set. This delicate, intricate Yixing Tea set can genuinely be described as an exquisite work of craftsmanship. Again, like the Cobalt Blue Yixing Tea Pot, this cannot be kept on the stove for heating. The teapot can occupy about eight ounces and the cups can hold about one fourth of this quantity. This is another nice, little, quaint Chinese tea set.