Chinese Tea Store

The different types of tea that are included in the Chinese tea are:

1. Chinese Green Tea: The green tea is very light and refreshing. It is basically known for all the benefits it provides to our health. The green tea helps to prevent different diseases like reducing stress and regulating ageing process, strengthening the immune system, helps in reducing cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, and helps in preventing cavities and also cancer.

2. Chinese Black Tea: This one would taste very thick and strong. Tea lovers would definitely appreciate the black tea like a beverage full of purifying qualities. This tea blends very nicely with any of the flavors to create a very rich and different taste. If consumed the black tea on a regular basis it will certainly lower the chances of a stroke.

3. Chinese Oolong Tea: this one's got that very sweet flowery aroma including a pleasant aftertaste. Oolong tea never tends to lose its charm irrespective of the number of times it's been drunk. It helps in increasing the energy levels in our body, promotes metabolism, helps in controlling obesity and also regulates ageing.

4. Chinese White & Yellow Tea: White and yellow tea is again light and smooth. This tea is least processed as it undergoes just the steaming and drying process which leaves it very natural. Recent studies have proven that these teas have the cancer-fighting antioxidants as compared to any of the other teas.

5. Chinese Herbal Tea: Herbal tea is nothing but a caffeine free alternative. It includes herbal tisanes which are formulated so that they taste delicious and also refreshing at the same time in order to keep the mind relaxed and a highly rejuvenated body.

6. Chinese Pu-erh Tea: This is known for the medicinal qualities. Unlike the other teas the quality and taste of Pu-erh's improves with age. Its taste is known as earthy however some aged Pu-erh can produce tea cups of smooth and amazing complex beverage.

Apart from the different types of tea mentioned above tea connoisseurs have reputedly put in use various pots for different teas as it is known to bring out the tea flavor. You can always increase your tea experience with this beautiful tea ware.

Chinese tea which is considered as a wonderful beverage with numerous health benefits can make a wonderful gift. It would always send a message that you really care no matter who it is.