Chinese Tea Wedding Ceremony

We all know in fact that the tea has come from china. It is in china that the tea was first discovered and then carried to the other parts of the world. In such a case, there will not be any need to mention separately that whatever the occasion might be in China, the tea is an integral part of the events.

There are not just the many interesting things and the popular things that China has given us. There is far more to look beyond them in this country. When it comes to events and ceremonies, they are an integral part of the Chinese culture. This country is very rich as far as the culture constraint is considered. There were some common practices that were followed in such ceremonies, before people of other religion got an access to this country. The Chinese are recognized as the Taoists. When there was any event planned on earth, they believed that the participation of the heaven and earth in those is pious, as they believed in the powers of these two elements.

* The wedding ceremony of the Chinese is even such a unique ceremony that has many elements. As the Chinese firmly admired that power of the earth and that of the heaven, the groom and the bride were made to pray to them to seek blessing this was the practice that marked the beginning of the Chinese wedding ceremony.

* Weeding Tea Ceremony.

Apart from the prayer ceremonies that are briefed above there is even another equally important ceremony in the Chinese weeding, that is the wedding tea - ceremony. The formal introduction of the bride and the groom and their families takes place at such ceremonies. This practice has been evolved greatly in the middle part of the Chinese tradition and it underwent much transformation with the advances of time.

The wedding day is when this ceremony is organized; this is done so that all the members of the family can be the attendants of such ceremony. Even on the weeding day, if it is not possible for all the members to attend the tea wedding ceremony then it is held at the time that will be convenient to the majority of the family members. The boiled dried longan tea that is sweet to taste is the main, popular beverage in the weeding tea - ceremony.