Chinese White Tea

The Fujian is the province in China where the creation of Chinese white tea took place. Zheng County and the fu Ding are the provinces where the white tea is cultivated in large volume. The tea is natural as compared to the other teas from the rest of the part of the world as this tea undergoes less processing.

What exactly is white tea? Many times this is one question to which proper answer is not soughed out. To the people who are well read and the ones who know about the tea, the fact is well known that the source of origin for any tea is the same, tea bush of Camilla sinensis. What process the tealeaves is under goes after plucking determines that in what form whether green, black, white or oolong the tealeaves will be evolved. The fermentation process that is very complex and involves the tealeaves to be exposed to be crushed is from where the black tea derives its color and the aroma and taste. This process involves exposure to air for some time so that the tealeaves are that are transformed into the black tea are fine


In case of white tea, the tealeaves that are immature are picked before the bud actually blooms into full-fledged leaves. It is not the fact that the white teas appearance that is striking has made it so much popular. The entire process that the nascent tealeaves undergo explains the reason for its huge popularity. Silver fuzz that is seen as the covering of the leaves is responsible for it to be called as the white tea. This is the component from where the white color is derived once the leaves are dried. This tea is the most natural one as there is not much processing these tea leaves have to undergo. It is not even dried in the air as the case is with other color teas. It is just steamed and not exposed to the air.

For long time the Chinese white, tea was the popular beverage of the Chinese only. The vast medical advantages were the known facts to the Chinese that made it most preferable. In spite of this, it did not bow the Chinese barriers and step beyond them. It is very recently that the world was introduced to its multiple benefits. The researches, drinkers and the business personnel's involved with any aspect of the white tea have kept exploring and experimenting since its introduction.