Chinese Wu Long Tea

Wulong tea is a Chinese derived tea that quite in the middle of the black and green variety of tea, for the raison d'être that it is an assortment of the two; it at first has a fondness to make available a bitter taste then has a sweet subsequent tang.  When decoded from Chinese into English, the nuance of oolong is black dragon tea.  The tea is purportedly derived from China’s Fujian province on Wuyi Mountain.  

When dispensation Wulong/oolong tea the leaves are slumped in order to arrive at the distinguished flavour.  First, the leaves are dehydrated out, by any method- sun or air and then almost immediately after that are taken to be cooled.  Next, they are twisted in a circle into fibres and only the relish of the utmost class leaves is sealed. 

When accomplishment to keep ready the Wulong/oolong tea, the leaves should be infused or steeped in 180 to 190 degree F water.  This water should not seethe and it takes just about 2.25 grams of tea to 170 grams of water.  The Wulong leaves are able of being concocted over and over again somewhere from three to five times. 

One of the heartiest returns of Wulong oolong tea is the mammoth amount of polyphenol. Polyphenol’s antioxidants weaken the peril of getting smacked down by cancer. Polyphenol is also the constituent that makes the Wulong oolong tea celebrated for its taste. 

The Fujian province has for the for the most part of the more commonplace range of oolong teas.  Two varieties that are exceedingly pervasive are Tie Guan Yin and Shue Xian.  The group of leaves and the production series of the leaves are what transfer into being the miscellaneous varieties of oolong teas.  All of the oolong teas have the bitter taste with a sweet subsequent tang.   

There are to a certain extent a small number of different type and flavors of oolong tea, for illustration:

Bossa Nova - An amalgamation of hazelnut and vanilla

China Oolong Kwai Flower - Osmanthus Blossoms collective with the warm, woody Fujian Oolong.  Osmanthus Blossoms have a nectar-like peach flavor.

Formosa Ming Xiang - a premium sipping tea that is rich amber in color with a misty greatness and the inequality by sweet fruit flavors.

Formosa Superior Taifu - also known as the five color tea, which is infused multiple times and has a variety of hues of brown ranging from beige to sienna.