Coffee And Tea Leaf

I have been a coffee lover for most of my life. So much so that I used to sneak it when I was a younger because my parents wouldn't let me have any. Now I use my own blends and have several thousand dollars worth of automatic coffee machine. After more than 40 years of coffee drinking I thought I had tried everything. Several months ago a good friend of mine told me about coffee and tea leaf mixes. I thought he was talking about what I thought of as mocha, which is actually a coffee type that tastes a bit like chocolate.

Actually there are two ways to go about making, or obtaining some coffee and tea leaf blends. The first is to simply mix ground coffee beans with tea leaves and brew to taste. This mix gives you all the taste of both brews and it becoming increasingly popular, and is quite common in specialty stores. The other way to make this wonderful brew is to mix loose tea leaves with the leaves on the coffee plant. Many people believe that only the coffee berries, or beans, carry the caffeine in coffee and this is not true. In truth the entire plant, from the root to the bud has caffeine. The highest amount of caffeine is in the beans but the whole plant has it and the leaves have the second most amounts, after the berries.

Before you mix the tea and coffee leaves you must first pulverize the coffee leaves very well and wash them thoroughly before you crush them. What you will end up with is a tea that has a distinct coffee taste. Many people like to use leaves from the black tea variety because it offers a stronger, more robust taste with a hefty dose of caffeine.

No matter how you chose to make your coffee and leaf tea, you will find it is a new level of loving both coffee and teas. The many different ways that you can mix or match the different coffee varieties with the different tea varieties is nearly endless and it is only you imagination, and budget of course.