Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf

"Coffee bean and tea leaf" is one of the most famous companies in the world which was first founded in 1963 by Mona and Herbert B. Hyman in California. Since then, it has developed into one of the largest coffee and tea shops throughout the world. Nowadays, this company has over 750 locations in 22 countries. Its success relies in the quality of the provided services which keep the clients happy.

Since it was first founded in California, "The coffee bean and tea leaf" company has numerous coffee shops in the United States. Clients, who are looking to spend unique moments when serving their favourite drinks, can find these coffee shops in areas such as: Texas, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Phoenix or Detroit. If you don't live in the USA, you can also find "Coffee bean and leaf tea" facilities in countries such as: Australia, China, Egypt, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia or The United Arab Emirates.

Like any other international based organisation which is highly interested when it comes for prestige, "The coffee bean and tea leaf" company has launched a charity campaign in 2008 which was named "Support from Home". The main role of the campaign was to support the American troops in overseas missions. In order to raise the needed amount of money, the clients were asked to purchase at least a bag of coffee or a box of tea.

Every coffee shop which bears the sign of the "Coffee bean and tea leaf" is specially designed to offer its clients a cosy atmosphere inviting them to share unforgettable moments. They are ideal for friends and family gatherings. High quality services play an important role because they are the emblem of the company, maintaining high standards in terms of quality products.

One of its most famous products is the "Ice blended drink" which was first launched about twenty years ago. Since then, the ice blended drink has been served worldwide almost in every coffee shop. It has different aromas such as vanilla, white chocolate or caramel. These coffee shops serve specific drinks such as espresso, brewed coffees, hazelnut latte or different types of teas. Since every customer is important, these coffee shops also serve non sugar drinks for people who keep diets and kosher foods. Whether you like drinking coffee or you just want to enjoy a hot cup of tea in a welcoming environment, then you definitely have to visit one of the "Coffee bean and tea leaf" locations.