Coffee Leaf Tea

Anyone who has tasted coffee leaf tea always wants more and wants to know where they can get some. What is this drink that is sweeping both the coffee and tea markets. Many people are not aware that it isn't just the beans or berries that have caffeine; the whole plant does. This is a tea made from the pulverized leaves of the coffee plant and is extremely popular in Latin American countries and much of the Eastern Archipelago. In these areas many people drink coffee leaf tea because of the high price of the beans and because much coffee in those regions is mixed heavily with chicory, which some feel hides the natural flavor of the coffee.

If you have never considered blending coffee and tea, each with its own unique flavor there are several choices. The one that I find most agreeable, although all are ok, is Cha Dao Tea. Another favorite of mine is Yin Yang which brings together coffee and black tea leaves. But the actual leafs of a coffee plant pulverized properly; brewed and steeped is really the best of all. This is a real coffee like tea and not tea, flavored with coffee.

One coffee leaf tea that I haven't been able to find yet but that I heard is wonderful is called Kootee or qutti. This is an Ethiopian tea that uses coffee leaves and is laced with milk or cardamom. Ethiopia is justly famous for their coffee beans and I can only imagine a tea made from the leaves of those wonderful plants.

Coffee leaf tea is made the same way you would make any tea beverage. Strip enough leaves off or your coffee plant and pulverized them thoroughly. Make sure that the leaves are washed before hand to free them of any soil or debris that may ruin the taste of the tea. Once they are washed and pulverized well simply brew them in hot water as you would any other tea.

Whether you are a tea or coffee leaf tea can be a wonderful change and, if you are like some people I know, maybe a total switch.