Coffee Tea Shop

The coffee and tea shops used to be very popular several years ago but at present we can say that very few of them were able to survive. What is the reason? Obviously, it is the lowest cost of the coffees and teas which are offered in the supermarkets. You know that everybody would prefer to buy a package of coffee or tea for $3 instead of getting it for $6, especially since the financial crisis hit the whole world!

However, we need to be frank and say that the supermarkets' great popularity is not the only reason for the coffee and tea shops' disappearance. Another reason is the bad reputation which those shops had "built" the last years of their existence. A lot of coffee or tea sellers used to cheat their customers because of their greed. Are you wondering what kind of cheating I mean? Well, it is about the coffee or tea which is not sold in packages; that sort of coffee/tea is often said to be of a famous brand and its cost is very high when it could actually be a product of very bad quality. This way the customers could spend $40 for a package of "top-quality" coffee or tea when its actual price is $4. It doesn't sound honest at all, does it?

Unfortunately, there were honest people working at the coffee and tea shops but they had to close down also due to the lack of trust. However, we should not be so nostalgic about that sort of shops because they still can be found although it would be very difficult. If you like the taste of freshly-ground coffee then you certainly still go to coffee shops. And of course if you would like to buy manually collected tea leaves for a wonderful brew, the tea shop is the right place again. Unfortunately, the coffee or tea in the supermarket could never taste the same way as the coffee beans and the tea leaves which we used to buy in the past. And how about the free grinding of the beans; how happy the people used to be when they found a nice seller who did the grinding for free! And it was also great that if the coffee or tea seller liked you, you could buy the coffee beans/tea leaves at a lower price which used to make us feel really good.

Those were really great times. And we can only hope that people will become honest again and will start trusting to each other. Who knows? One day we can have coffee and tea shops at every corner again.