Decaf Black Tea

As we know there are many sort of teas around, and many of them come with some amazing health benefits. However, even tough with all the health benefits, the caffeine from the teas is still a black slash. In could in fact brought us some negative effects from drinking too much. With the thought in mind, many people will start looking for teas with less caffeine contained, and that is how the decaf tea has come about. One of the popular decaf teas is the decaf black tea with many of the benefits it has compared with other decaf tea. In fact it is more gentle and soothing comparing with the other kind of decaf tea.

First of all, the decaf black tea is the black tea other than going through its normal picking and drying process, it also went through an additional process of eliminating majority of the caffeine it contained. There are two well known processes being used to help decaffeinate the teas. They are the use of CO2 or the ethyl acetate to help decaffeinate the teas. Comparing between these two methods, the ethyl acetate decaffeinate method is considered to be an easiest and cheapest method, but CO2 decaffeinate method has proven to much safer.

The decaf black tea, even though with lesser caffeine than the normal black tea, it still contains all of the health benefits that a black tea has. Such as reducing the risk of cancer and lowering stresses. In which, studies show that by drinking black tea, it could help to reduce the ovarian cancer in many women, and for each additional cup of black tea a woman consumed per day, it could reduce the risk of ovarian cancer by as much as 18 percents. Furthermore, black tea could also help to reduce stresses by directly affecting the hormone of our body that is responsible for create stresses. In which, studies also show that for those who drank black tea compared with the other tea, they will be de-stressed more quickly and more affectively.

There are indeed many of health benefits from the black tea. With the major side effects from drinking too much black tea being reduced in the decaf black tea, it is making the decaf black tea a lot stronger and popular compared with the normal black tea. In fact, because black tea containing so much lower level of antioxidant, it also makes the decaf black tea as the perfect drink of the pregnant women.