Decaffeinated Tea Bags

It is already thought that caffeine is not harmful for our organism but just on the contrary- a lot of people think that is it is even good and useful. Perhaps, that is the reason why there are so many people who started to consume caffeinated tea instead of the ordinary caffeine free tea. However, there are many people who cannot consume caffeine for some reason- that could be high blood pressure, heart problems or just an allergy to caffeine. In all those cases the tea fans can only consume decaffeinated tea bags!

However, what is probably the best about the decaffeinated tea bags is that the only thing which they do not contain is caffeine. My point is that all other elements and antioxidants which an ordinary cup of tea has are still kept in the decaffeinated tea bags. So we can make the conclusion that this sort of tea gives all other benefits which the tea itself gives but protects our bodies from the harmful effect which the caffeine might have.

Of course we need to be objective and also inform you about the disadvantages of the decaffeinated tea, and unfortunately they are not insignificant at all! Let's first start with the fact that the decaffeinated tea bags are not really 100% caffeine free. The truth is that there is an extremely little amount of caffeine which does not have any effect on most people's organisms but in come cases it could be fatal! Another fact which you have to know is that the caffeine is "removed" from the tea by a chemical which is called ethyl. Once added to the tea, the ethyl is very difficult to be extracted and it is often a part of the tea's final content. That would not be a problem if it had not been proved that ethyl is toxic and very harmful for our bodies. The chemical is also considered to be responsible for several kinds of cancer. Hopefully, you do not still think that the decaffeinated tea bags are extremely useful!

Luckily, the caffeine could be extracted naturally also! If you look for naturally-decaffeinated tea, you will certainly find it at some drug stores. It is a little bit more expensive than the one containing ethyl but it is definitely worth buying it especially when the difference between the two sorts' costs is around three dollars. The better choice, I think, is obvious!