Drinking Green Tea

It has always been claimed that drinking green tea is probably the best way a person can keep his or her body healthy. But those used to be just guesses which were not proved scientifically until now! The Harvard students have done research and you will not believe what they concluded: drinking green tea is even more useful than we thought it was!

Can you believe it? The secret is in the green tea leaves which turned out to be one of the greatest herbs on our planet. Of course when we say "the greatest" we mean that it protects our bodies from diseases which are like a curse for our society!

The amazing combination of caffeine, antioxidants and vitamins seems to be like a shield for our organisms. The studies show that people who consume green tea are protected by several cancers- those are the skin cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer and eventually, their number will increase as the studies are still in progress. Women also can calm down a little because drinking green tea has also been proved to protect from breast cancer. It is really good news because breast cancer is actually most spread among women all over the world and it takes most victims.

However, let's draw some more attention to the antioxidants and why they are so good for us. Actually, there are many types of antioxidants but those which are in the green tea leaves (therefore in our cup of green tea) are what we need most. It is proved that the green tea and the green tea's antioxidants in particular block the oxidation process and decrease the rates of the so called "bad cholesterol". It means that people who consume green tea are also less likely to have strokes or heart attacks; those people's arteries usually "work" far better as well.

You are certainly amazed by all those facts which you read about. We thought that the green tea was a useful beverage but it turned out to be a magic one! And now, it would be a sin if you didn't start drinking green tea- just think about all diseases you will be protected from. Those are diseases which have taken the lives of millions of people. You do not want to be one of them, do you? Then you just need to start consuming the "magic" brew and everything will be fine!