Earl Grey Black Tea

The flavour which can transform any type of excellent quality of black tea in to an Earl Grey black tea is nothing but a bergamot flavour. The origin of this wonderful Earl Grey black tea dates back to the 19th century. The legend has it that the minister of Great Britain was Earl Charles Grey, during the year 1830. He was on a tour to China, during which he received the recipe for this tea from a Chinese man. There are lot of stories surrounding this trip to China, and many of them say that the tea recipe was actually a token of gratitude passed on by the Chinese man to the British minister in appreciation of his gesture of saving his life. The flavour was subsequently.

Earl Grey tea is considered as one of the most well-liked teas when compared to the teas all over the globe. There is nothing other than the captivating flavour which makes it so popular among the masses. The method of blending the Earl Grey tea is put through very rigorous criteria. The best quality of tea is blended with the naturally occurring bergamot oil. This oil may be produced synthetically by using artificial substitutes, but the blenders who are the actual experts, cannot compromise on the quality of the tea. So they take care to see that only the natural bergamot oil is added to the highest quality of tea available to get the Earl Grey tea. The final step includes addition of a balanced out flavour of the oil of bergamot.

Some excellent varieties of this Earl Grey black tea also have lavender flavour. Lavender is used with 2 different functions in mind. Firstly it adds a heavenly aroma to the tea, when it is brewed. Secondly Lavender also helps in toning down the bitterness of the citrus content of the tea. Actually, the total blending procedure plays a chief responsibility in the manufacture of the tea. Blending is all about equilibrium. If the balancing is inaccurate, the superiority of the tea can never be guaranteed. The tea makers toil hard to generate the essence. The adept creators are very cognisant while picking the tea supervisor. They attempt to prefer the one who has a perfect acquaintance with the blending modus operandi to fetch the most excellent savour and essence. So if you have not yet experienced the great taste of the earl Grey tea, then you are definitely missing out on some great flavoured tea.