Earl Grey Decaf Tea

A tea is one of the finest beverages made by man to refresh him in this tedious and busy world. In this world of competitions and ever growing tensions the drink which makes u feel relax and helps you to reload is nothing but the tea. Tea nourishes you and helps you to get back to your job with extra efforts. There are many types of teas available in the market and one of them is the earl grey decaf tea.


Earl grey decaf tea is one of the important nourishing teas and is available with every leading tea store. It is a fine mixture of perfectly blend tealeaves, which are selected with care from the tea plantation s of east India, Sri Lanka and some parts of china and Japan. You can also buy earl grey decaf tea from online stores. This tea is largely available in European markets and can be ordered online too. This tea is available at a reasonable rate for all tea lovers who need something special this tea fulfills their requirement.



This tea is prepared from the Indian and Chinese tealeaves in a drum and then some extract of bergamot oil is added into this mixture. Bergamot is a kind of fruit similar to oranges and is mainly found in regions of Italy. The smell of the earl grey tea is similar to that of bergamot.

Types of decaf teas:

The types of earl grey tea include teas such as earl grey Viennese, earl grey organic, supreme earl grey etc. many other types of decaf teas are also there in the market.

Charles grey:

Charles grey was one of the prime ministers of king of England king William IV. He had a Chinese friend and the life of this Chinese friend was saved by him. Then the Chinese person gave Charles grey the recipe of this tea. The tea got its name from this Charles grey


This tea is comparatively slightly costlier than other teas available in the market but when taste matters this, little cost is affordable. This tea is rich in taste and its taste differs a lot from the tea made from the ordinary leaves. In the early 19th century, this tea had a huge demand. This tea enriches you with great taste and for all tea lovers its one, which everyone needs.