Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea

Tea originated in the east, china to be specific and it took centuries for the wave to reach the west. In the meantime the Chinese had taken the time to develop the tea culture and savor the health benefits of tea before sharing it with the rest of the world. Right now tea is as much a favorite of the east as it is a favorite beverage in the rest of the world. There are thousands of tea varieties and flavors each one brewed to the liking of its customers. If you take a brief visit to your local store you will be spoilt for choice as there are many varieties of teas in the market today and among the personal favorite of mine is the earl grey variety of teas preferably earl grey loose leaf tea.

The earl grey tea is one of the many varieties of black teas on the market. Earl grey Tea leaves are the same and the bagged varieties of tea are the most common and famous teas in the world thanks to the convenience they offer the consumer. The definition of loose leaf black tea is tea leaves that have not been bagged. None of us today thinks about brewing tea in the traditional way using loose leaf tea. If you want to savor all the benefit of tea, brew your tea without using the bags. It take longer to brew tea the traditional way but the quality of tea that comes after the exercise is nothing compared to the time it takes to brew it.

The earl grey loose leaf tea has excellent taste and flavor and is named after Earl Grey a Great Britain prime Minister. During his time, this tea became the favorite of royalty and its fame spread to the rest of the world. It is now sold by many companies like Harney and sons, Yogi Tea Company, Stash and Bigelow's among others. This tea is known for its great taste that comes from the oil or an orange known as bergamot which is relatively sour and a cross between the pear lemon and the sour orange. At the preparation of tea, black tea is more processed and is richer in color and flavor than any other tea. If bagged, the leaves lose some of the antioxidant qualities but when loose, they have their full qualities and increase in flavor and color.