Earl Grey Tea

This world famous tea is named after the Second Earl Grey who received it as a diplomatic gift, according to legend for saving someone?s life and enjoyed it so much he brought the blend to a tea merchant and commissioned him to replicate it. The first commercial Earl Grey tea was released by Twinings and it?s popularity immediately soared to the heights it still enjoys today.

It is a common misconception that Earl Grey is a type of Tea leaf. This is in fact far from the truth. Earl Grey tea is actually a blend of several different teas, usually Indian and Sri Lanka teas and heavily flavored with bergamot. Some tea manufacturers also add just a hint of lap sang souchong to give the tea a hint on smoke that lingers on the tongue.

Earl Grey is a black tea and all black teas are harvested fro the Camellia sinensis plant. Different seasons produce different teas to harvesting is ongoing and produces teas like the white tea. When the flavoring is added it sometimes will cover up the flavor of a lesser tea and many critics claim that this is while Earl Grey is made that way. If this is a concern, read the package before you buy. The better quality tea will generally be a loose leafed tea and stay away from teabags as they tend have a bitter taste.

Earl Grey also makes several distinctly different teas. If you don't quite like the taste of the original you can try a cup of Lady Grey which has a dash of Seville orange and lemon and has a distinctly dramatic effect on your taste buds. The taste of Earl Grey tea is world renown for a very good reason. This tea has been a staple in British cups for a long time and the health benefits are very numerous. It has been show to help with depression because of the bergamot and works very well as a fever reducer as well as the cancer fighting properties because of the anti oxidants.

When you combine the taste, price and health benefits of Earl Grey tea with all of the other teas, Earl Grey has to come out on top as the all around favorite. So if you are new to tea drinking, start with a cup of Earl Grey.