Empty Tea Bags

Empty tea bags are pouches which have open end flaps to be filled with the appropriate amounts of tea and herbs as per the choice of a consumer. They are ideal to custom blend tea and make the whole affair of tea making a lot easier. The traditional way of tea making can be a lengthy and messy process with the use tea strainer and other things. With empty tea bags, you just have to spoon tea leaf of your choice like black tea, green tea or herbal tea into the tea bag, seal the open end and it is ready to brew your favorite cuppa. Prior preparation of the tea bags will save time and brewing for your individual cup or for a tea party will become quite easy. And there is no mess to clean later.

The paper usually used in the making of empty tea bags is made of a special blend of thermoplastic fibers, cellulose fibers or abaca. Abaca or Manila hemp is a member of the banana plant family. Due to the relative long staple length, cellulose content and strength, it is mainly used in manufacturing a special type of paper which is used in tea bagging.

The exact method of filling an empty tea bag to make it into a usable tea bag is: Use a scoop or a spoon to fill the empty tea bag with your choice of herbs taking care not to over fill it. Take care to see that no herbs come in between the seams. Press the open end with an appropriate heating device like a curling iron or a clothing iron. Press firmly and seal the open end. Your tea bag is ready to make one cup of tea. It is a fun filled and economical way to share any herbal formula of tea with your family and friends.

It is important that the tea bag paper be bleached in oxygen and also be biodegradable.

A peep into the history of tea bags shows that the early tea bags were hand sewn in 1903. In around 1904, a tea merchant from New York, Thomas Sullivan marketed and shipped tea bags across the world. Gradually the hand sewn tea bags were replaced by machine made bags. Empty tea bag pouches, apart from being used in tea brewing also have other uses. These pouches can be filled and sealed with spoonfuls of peppermint, chamomile, rose and lemon. They can be thrown in a bowl of hot water and you can get a nourishing home facial.

Having empty tea bags at home is a handy way for a tea lover to enjoy his/her choice of tea.