English Black Tea

Black tea is one of among the six varieties of tea, and is the tea which has a lot of caffeine and has been oxidized more. But an interesting fact is that black tea comes from the same plant as green, white and oolong tea. Black tea has a very strong flavor compared to other tea varieties. While they are called as crimson tea in the Asian countries, it is mostly known as the black tea in England. Black tea can retain its flavor for several years, thus it is the tea preferred by most of the trader for trading. The black tea in England itself is classified into three types. Earl grey tea is actually a mixture of black tea with bergamot oil. English breakfast tea is a very rich tea which is manufactured so as to go well with milk and sugar. English after noon tea are medium strong teas with a fresh flavor.

Black tea as soon as harvesting are withered then crushed, curled, then oxidized, dried and then packed according to their sizes. It is the fermentation of the leaves that gives it the black color. Black tea is an organic tea and has a lot of antioxidant properties; this tea is also devoid of calories. These teas also help us in the prevention of heart diseases, prevention of tiredness, and promotes to healthy skin. In England the consumption of tea, especially black tea is prominent that they have tea dances, etc. There is also a ritual for brewing English black tea, first water is boiled and prepared, and then it is let to warm a little, tea leaves are added to the water and re-boiled, if milk is required milk is added, the tea leaves are being strained and the extraction is served with milk and sugar separately so they could be added as taste permits. Black tea is not only considered as a beverage but as a meal itself. They have separate rooms exclusively for tea in England. This black tea is not just consumed as a regular tea but also as iced tea.

Black tea is so popular in England that different varieties of black tea like flavored ones are available. They are also manufactured in such a way that they can be available in a variety of strength in the tea flavor too, so that people can brew their tea as per their taste.