English Breakfast Tea

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word "England"? Yes, of course it is the English breakfast tea! Doubtfully, there is any other brew which made a country so popular, or maybe it would be better if we said: it is doubtful that there is a country which made the tea so popular all over the world!

Although you have probably heard a lot about the English breakfast tea you still cannot know anything about it. Even if you are a British, you still may find this article interesting because it will let you know some very exciting facts about that delicious brew.

Let's first start with the origin of the English breakfast tea. Does it sound stupid to you? Perhaps, you are saying: "What could be said about the English tea's origin?" And certainly you are saying that because you are pretty sure that the English breakfast tea originates from England! Here comes the surprise- it does not! Actually, there are two hypotheses about the origin of the English tea but the strange thing is that neither of them is England. The first one says that the tea originates from America and was found by Christopher Columbus 5 centuries ago. And according to the other the tea originates from Asia, which, by the way, is not as likely as the first one!

However, have you ever wondered what the English tea's sort actually is? You know there is not a sort of tea called "English" which means that there must be any other name. Perhaps, you will not believe it when I tell you that the English tea is nothing else but black tea. That sort of brew is probably the most spread one in the west parts of Europe, especially in Holland, England, Belgium and other countries in the region. But as you already know that the English breakfast tea is nothing special or unique, you should not stop thinking that it is not the best one in the world! Do you know why? Well, it is very simple- the secret to the tea's high quality is its preparation! And trust me- nobody can prepare a cup of hot tea better than the British! And the fact is not surprising at all because the British have a very strong tradition and have always been famous for the excellent quality of the tea which they prepare.