English Tea Bags

Tea is one of the most widely consumed drinks and having a very ancient history, tea stands the test of time and in the modern years there have been many new flavors introduced. Since tea has been in consumption for any years, it is spread to all parts of the world as a drink. Hence people of every country have their own way of preparing the drink.

Tea is basically the leaf of the plant; it is available as dried leaf or powder known as tea dust. Nowadays the common type of tea available is in bags. Tea bad was first made available in the year 1904 in America, since then there have been many developments in the flavor and package of tea bags.

One of the most famous tea bags is the well-known English tea bags; this is the type of tea bad which is mostly used in an English breakfast. The type of tea inside the tea bad is the reason for its flavor and aroma. Even though the English tea bag is very famous, it's hard to believe that there are very few plantations of tea that can be found in the UK. But history says that tea has been imported to UK from ancient times from China and India.

The legendary English tea bag that is famous today and that can be found in almost all the English breakfast is a mixture of Kenyan and Assam black tea leaves or dust. Even though there were early traces of the usage of tea in India and Kenya, it was not famous until the British came and built industries to process the tea leaves and make it commercially available. Hence the British are known to be the pioneers in processing the tea leaves and also making tea leaves. It was the reportedly the Chinese who first used tea as a drink, but their way of preparing tea is different from the English way of preparing tea.

English tea bags are widely available today and their unique way of blending the tea dust or leaves is the secret behind its flavor, The English breakfast usually comes with a black tea. Most of the time English tea is made without milk; there are several companies that produce English tea bags. They have their tea processing plants in India and the US. Careful attention is paid by these companies to deliver the authentic English flavored tea bags to the consumers.