English Tea House

Quite simply what it is on the cover, an English tea house is calm, soothing place where visitors can come in and sample a very wide variety of different teas all over the world while enjoying a bit of a snack over a hot cup of tea. Quite different from its Asian counterpart, which mainly advertise only a few generally Asiatic types of tea in round cups and generally being more of an entertainment place than it is one for actual "tea" drinking, the English tea house is usually a large space on lush fenced grounds, a restaurant very devoted to tea.

With the focus being the enjoyment of tea, one goes to the tea house with the intent of trying a cup of something new and exotic without having to leave the country. After all, as a restaurant or a gourmet location that mainly involves the tea, the house will boast an extensive selection of goods coming from every major tea-producing company in the world, like Sri Lanka, Japan, China, their own English tea, and many more. The tables in this kind of tea house are very rarely for large parties, usually as tea enjoyment is confined to a few people or so around a table. Another thing that would be seen is an astonishing assortment of ceramics. Tea in itself is quite a special thing in the tea house so it is important that the appropriate utensils (elegant ceramics, cups, saucers and pots, with sugar spoons, bowls and the like coming from places like Covent Garden and or maybe even rare pottery finds), are to be utilized. Visitors can usually make a selection out of which cup or tea set they and their company would like to drink from, a single set being different from any other, or they could also simply settle for the house's common set, if they were not finicky about what they drink from. Accompanying the tea would be an assortment of light foods that the drinker might like to enjoy with his tea--biscuits, pastries, turnovers, muffins, cupcakes, basically bread-based simple food which adds flavor to the enjoyment of the tea, and usually sweet, to counterbalance the bitterness of the tea onto the palate.

The tea house is not merely a location, it is an experience. All to cater to the enjoyment of tea and the different kinds of it, it is surely a good place to visit for a most elegant, soothing atmosphere.