English Tea Pots

The first time that tea was drunk, is reported to be over three thousand years ago, but it went on to become a trend only under the Tang dynasty

(618 AD- 907 AD). The first book on tea was available in China in 780.

The United Kingdom was a late entrant as far as introduction to tea was concerned, much after some countries in Europe had already adopted it. Even Portugal. When Catherine Braganza of Portugal married Charles the Second, her taste for the beverage soon spread, and changed the perception of tea into what we call a social habit.

During this time, the tea pot was made from Chinese Porcelain or Stone and later graduated to being made from Silver.

1760s saw Josiah Wedgwoods off-white earthernware. This was sen to be better than English porcelain which cracked when it had contact with hot water.

Tea today has become a sort of national drink in the UK, and English teapots have gained worldwide renown. After the government lowered its taxation on tea in 1784, tea sales shot up and English tea pot manufacturers felt even better, when East India Company stopped importing chinese porcelain

Next in 1800 Bone China was invented. This saw a boom. The teapot size grew, the internal strainer disappeared, and in the 1900s tea bags were introduced.

The variety of English tea pots however, continues to amaze the world. Bone China or Silver, English tea-pots will always rule in aristocratic households.

They are a symbol of status, tradition and style.

Many individuals love to drink tea, some drink it out of habit and some just love the way it tastes. It is however a well known fact that tea has some amazing benefits that many are unaware of, it helps in detoxification of the system and helps as an antioxidant. It also helps in losing and reducing weight to a great extent. Teas come in different tastes and varieties. Tea such as green tea could be used to lose weight as well. This is the reason way different styles and varieties of tea sets have come into being, such as asian tea sets. English tea pots have always been a statement of style amongst English men who believe in drinking their tea with only style and class.