English Tea Sets

The long history of afternoon tea in Europe was started in France then only introduced to Britain. It was then by the early 18th century that afternoon tea had become gradually popular in Britain, starting with London, which its popularity gained the momentum as Queen Anne of Britain would rather have tea in her breakfast than the ale drink. As more and more images of tea serving being entwined with the English Culture, such as tea party or afternoon tea, the English tea sets also gradually becoming more and more popular.

The history of English tea sets is greatly associated with the ancient Chinese Culture. Nonetheless the equipments for preparation of tea, how the tea was consumed and the way of brewing the tea from the way were adopted from the ways of how the ancient Chinese was practicing. The way of infusing the tea leaves and with the used of vessels to help brew and drink tea was in fact being developed and invented by the ancient Chinese. The earliest teacup of the English Tea Sets was in fact mimicked the tea bowl of ancient China, which the handle was later added for convenient purposes and help to enhance the experiences of drinking tea.

Over time, the English tea sets had evolved into its unique designs and patterns. In which compared with the Chinese tea sets, the English tea sets are made with designs of many colors with the main theme of different colorful flowers. Nonetheless, the most commonly seen patterns and designs of the English tea wares are most white as the background with a main theme of a colorfully flower drawings. Whereas, traditional Chinese tea sets would have the design with only one color. Indeed, with the infusion of the colorful design in the tea sets, the English has made the experiences in drinking much more enjoyable and artistic.

With a cup of English tea in the afternoon with the English tea cups could indeed enhance your tea drinking experiences. It was the way of relaxing and socializing for many of the early as well as modern English Cultures. Indeed by owning and keeping piece of the English tea set, it could provide you the connection and experience of the afternoon tea in London. In fact, due to the uniqueness and beauty of the flowery patterns and designs in the English tea sets, they have also become the interest for many collectors.