English Tea Shop

As we know English was never a tea lover's paradise, tea was never acknowledged there, people never knew the quality and richness of tea. But slowly and slyly it started being seen in England. And one could actually visit shops known as English tea shops. People started acknowledging tea and celebrating tea parties. You can now find different kind of teas catered in England in English tea shops, teas like green tea, black tea, etc. English tea shops are now famous the world over, as they keep the richest brand of teas one can find the world over. And soon they started producing tea in England which is loved by the English people.

English tea shops in the later years started selling tea accessories and tea sets of highest qualities, and they provided a huge range of the products for the people to select and buy from as per their likings. Now days you can find English tea shops in side book shops rather than the usual coffee shops. A lot of tea exhibitions held in England with huge varieties of teas. In English tea shops you can find different sections of tea for different types of tea. Now English teas are very popular in the whole world with the name of English tea. If you go to an English tea shop, you have to be very careful if you want the original English tea brand, because there are a lot of companies sell their tea by the name of English tea, but they are actually not made in England.

Original English tea is the brand is the only brand produced in England, which is very costly and one of the best teas of the world. P.G. tips tea is the first tea brand produced in England. And it was only available in English tea shops and it was loved by the English as it was their own product. It was also popular in people as it uses to help people in digestion problems. Later the same brand was known as brook bond, and it was named after the name of the building it was produced in. Which was in the later years again changed to P.G. tips tea. This brand is still available now in England, and is still one of the finest teas in the world over. English tea shops are now popular among the rich class and the lower class also for its ambience and good quality tea and for sending quality time with loved ones. English tea shops have their history written in the most royal and acknowledged ways in people's hearts.