Essiac Herbal Tea

Nature has been providing us with the most potent and natural ways to fight diseases from plan life. By harnessing these natural produce, we can use these to cure certain diseases and improve the wellness of the individual. This is the beginnings of Essiac Herbal Tea. With Rena Cassie's intention to improve the lives of people, the birth of Essiac Herbal Tea has promoted a healthy and potent option to enjoying wellness.

The name is the creator's name spelled backwards. She formulated and used various herbal plants found in Canada and concocted a fantastic tea.

The journey of Essiac Herbal Tea begins with one woman, Nurse Rene M. Caisse. She is well known as Canada's Cancer Nurse. Working as a nurse, Caisse discovered an elderly patient who survived cancer and was living in the wilderness of Canada through the help of a native medicine man who recommended a variety of herbs growing in the rich land. She mixed them up and drank it in the form of tea every day. Since then, Nurse Caisse dedicated her life to using this fantastic formula in helping the suffering of various cancer patients. She was hoping and trying to find ways to alleviate the conditions of those patients suffering cancer.

Essiac was released on a much larger scale to the public in the 1970s. Though the original formula was not changed, some manufacturers of Essiac herbal tea included additional herbal elements. Today Essiac Herbal Tea is used worldwide because of its varied health benefits including for detoxification and general well-being and more seriously for the relief from cancer, diabetes, chronic pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lupus, skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis, and many other ailments including tinnitus and arthritis.

If you like to live a healthier life or you wish to experience much relief from any disease, a natural herbal tea like the Essiac herbal tea is the best one around. With its fantastic health benefits, this is a great tea to have in order to prevent diseases. It is very important on this day and age to have a good health and a defense against the growing number diseases. The tradition of Essiac herbal tea has not slipped an inch and you can be assured that the range of benefits you will get from it will give you a lot of gains for the future. Go ahead and try it now.