Eye Bags Tea

Tea has been touted as being a remedy for all sorts of illnesses in the human body. Aside from being a stimulant, tea can prevent cancer and other lifestyle diseases. You don't have to ingest tea to benefit from its qualities; tea can also be used to treat the skin and remove eye bags. We get eye bags from lack of sleep and stress which are part and parcel of our daily life. Tea bags can also be used to treat the dark circles around the eyes and give the skin around the eyes a normal skin tone. You can seek a home remedy in eye bags tea which is cheap, natural, quick and permanent treatment to the eye circles and eye bags. Treating your eyes with some tea bags is also less messy.

Tea bags are circular, square or rectangular depending on the manufacturer. For the purpose of treating eye bags, it is preferable to use circular tea bags since they can fit into your eye sockets and stay still. There is no particular brand that is made for treating eye bags; so your favorite brand of tea is good enough. You can save the tea bag after you have used in for your tea this morning and place it on your eyes minutes later.

The tea leaves in the bags will be absorbed by the skin pores as soon as the tea bags are placed on your eyes. Tea leaves contain all the essential amino acids and vitamins that the skin needs. Here is how you go about it: make sure your tea bag has been warmed in hot water before you put it on your eyes. You can use it to make your tea and place it on your eyes. Place the tea bag on your eyes after squeezing out the water from it and wait for a while as the pores take in the goodness of it. You can repeat the procedure once the tea bags cool off by placing them in warm water and squeezing them and placing them on your eyes again. This should be enough remedy for your eyes. Repeat this procedure daily and after a few weeks you should be able to see the dark circles in your eyes disappear. You can bid farewell to eye bags and dark circles for good by reducing the amount of stress in your life.