Fair Trade Tea

Fair trade tea, by definition is tea produced by developing countries. It is one of the products that the fair trade organization deals with, among other agricultural products. This tea is got from farmers who depend solely on agriculture as a means of survival. The organization helps them sell their products and get rewarded with their rightful wages, thus eradicating exploitation or income losses.

Key producers of fair trade tea include India and some countries in Africa. These are countries with farmers who dedicate their lives to their work. It's only fair that they are paid what they deserve, so as to encourage them to produce even more. The Fair trade movement ensures that the farmer's products reach the dedicated market, and that the farmers themselves are rewarded accordingly. Fair trade tea is exceptionally good. Part of the reason for this maybe because of the effort the farmers put in their work. The tea highlands where fair trade tea is grown have the most suitable climates, which give life to tea that is simply nourishing.

There are different types of fair trade teas. If you like black tea, there are varieties of that as well. Observed trends indicate that there is a general liking to organic black fair trade tea. What's unique about this tea is that it has little caffeine if any. That means there is no chance of caffeine addiction. It has all the antioxidants and polyphenols that you would naturally expect to find in tea. If you prefer green tea instead, there are varieties of that too. Herbal varieties of fair trade tea are also easy to find. Fair trade tea can also be processed as loose tea. This is the kind of tea that needs a strainer when it comes to blending some. The advantage with this kind of tea is that it gives you the opportunity to custom-blend all the flavors of fair trade tea that you like.

Fair trade tea is sometimes retailed at a tad higher price than your regular tea. The price variation can best be described as modest and acceptable. It's not unaffordable, and given its wide distribution, it is a favorite to avid drinkers of tea. Usually, there chain of distribution of fair trade tea is without middlemen. And that is where the tea farmers benefit as there are no people to exploit their farming efforts.

All fair trade teas have fair trade certification so it's easy to point them out.