Flavored Black Tea

The majority of the people who drink the black tea know that there are various flavors, in which the black tea is available. The orange pekoe, English breakfast and the Earl grey are the most popular flavors of the black tea. These can be found in a huge numbers in the racks of the superstore that you often visit. This itself speaks for the fact that they are very much popular and well known to most of the people. Even when there are many things that are repeatedly said about the benefits of tealeaves over the tea bags, still it can be seen that the flavored black tea bags are just being picked up more than the flavored black tea leaves. However, the benefits that are extracted from the tealeaves are just nominal than those derived from the tea bags. However, people still overlook this fact. So be it.

If you want the flavors of the black tea to be absorbed completely then you do not have any other choice other than the tea leaves. There is nothing, which can really compensate as an alternative as far the health benefits are concerned. Still are not convinced that why I should prefer the flavors of black tea from the leaves other than the flavor of the black tea from the bag then do not stop reading.

In order to add the flavors to the black tea it has to undergo the fermentation process more than any other form of the tea. This is important so as to get the richer, vibrant and fuller absorption of the flavor that is added. In the absence of the flavors, the benefits that are derived from the black tea or any other tea will more or less be the same as they originate from a common source. Further, the process of filling the tea in the tea bags also makes it lose some of the flavors. This is not the case with the tealeaves as after fermentation they straight away land into your kitchen once they are picked up from the stores. The flavor of the black tea from the black tea bags can also not be derived completely because of the cramp ness. While brewing the tea from the leaves water is added in the mixture to make the brew. When the tealeaves are added in this water, they expand and spill out the complete flavor in the brew.