Flavored Green Tea

Green tea is popularly used nowadays and has many benefits if it's had regularly. It's not only can be beneficial for some common problems like cough, cold, upset stomach etc but is also very beneficial for weight loss and a healthy skin. Many people today drink Green tea for weight loss and some for obtaining flawless skin and it does help them to get the desired results. However one need to be regular with their green tea drinking habits and must try to consume at least 4 to 5 cups of green tea daily. Also an important factor is that many start to get fed-up with drinking the same flavored green tea daily. Keeping this in mind now Tazo have come up with different flavored green tea, with which now people have the variety, as a result can drink green tea forever and keep fit and stay healthy always.

However, as green tea has many benefits people must try to make every green tea cup that they drink tasty and the looks delicious which will want you to have the tea without any fuss. A few things that can be done with your green tea to make it more appealing and tasty: add a few drops of lemon in it as well as cut a thin slice of lemon and put it into your cup, by doing so your tea will taste better and will also look better at the same time. Adding a few cut or whole mint leaves can also change the flavor of your tea and make it look tempting as well.

Green tea also taste good if its mixed with a few other flavored tea, for instance if Spearmint and peppermint are mixed in your regular green tea the whole flavor will change and you will just love drinking it all the time. Moreover, there are many others who just love the taste of regularly green tea without any flavors added to it and there are also some who think variety is the spice of life. Therefore always look for some change in their tea, for people like this they can always make some changes by using the recipes mentioned in this article. This will help you enhance the look and the taste of the green tea that you regularly drink.