Flavored Iced Tea

In recent times, flavored iced tea has made it to the top leaving behind the soft drinks and other beverages. Consumed chilled in tall glasses, the flavored iced tea is basically black tea or oolong tea served with a slice of citrus fruit like lemon or orange or even with an infusion of a fruit or herb. Health conscious people the world over have taken to consuming flavored iced tea as basically tea is considered to promote immunity. People who previously consumed calorie laden sugared soft drinks and juices are changing their preference to flavored iced tea.

The iced tea industry has recorded a big turnover in its annual sales since the past 15 years from about $200 million to over $2 billion. This trend is set to continue in future too! History points out that it was Richard Blechynden in 1904, who first hit upon the idea of serving tea with ice on a hot summer day at the Far East Indian pavilion of a World fair. Green and black tea was popular even during the World War 2. With the war situation, tea supply was cutoff to the U.S and batches of black tea had to be imported from the British. This explains why iced tea is always made from black tea in the U.S. Soon bottled iced tea made their way to the health stores of America.

Iced tea can be sweetened or unsweetened and is usually served with a slice of lemon or a dash of honey. There are umpteen ways to flavor iced tea but the easiest way to prepare flavored iced tea is to use flavored tea during brewing. Basic tea infusions are added at the steeping stage. Some main flavors preferred for flavored iced tea are floral, mint, citrus and even fruits. Mixing of any juice or a flavorful liquid is also common. Even adding a tasty garnish makes the flavored iced tea all the more delicious. In the U.S the most common flavor preferred for flavored iced tea is of course lemon. Citrus flavored tea leaves are used in the process of brewing the tea and a dash of lemon juice or lemonade is added and served with a slice of lemon wedge. The tart-sweet taste of the flavored iced tea is very popular while some prefer to enjoy orange iced tea too.

A more adventurous tea lover will add fruit flavors like peach or apple concentrate to his/her iced tea. Mint flavored iced tea is also popular. Some tea lovers use fresh edible flowers while brewing their tea. The preferences are a plenty, but chilled, flavored, sweetened or unsweetened iced tea is here to stay!