Flavored Tea Bags

Tea bags were initially invented in the 1907 and they were used in America. Later during the world war tea bags were rationed and many companies started producing the tea bags. Tetley was the first tea company to produce tea bags and they launched it in the uk and it became an immediate success. Small composed bags that contain tea leaves or precisely called the dust or leftover from the higher quality tea leaves is called a tea bag. Tea bags are very famous through out the world. Especially since it's a fast moving world tea bags are preferred by people. Brewing tea leaves to drink a single cup of tea could be a tedious process. It often said that big things come in small packages. Tea bags are a big example for that saying. And tea bags are said to loose the flavor in them soon. And since flavored tea bags were invented to add a spice to the drinking of tea. Flavored tea bags are present throughout the world but they are still produced only by a few companies. People should prefer tea to coffee because tea is said to reduce the risks of ovarian cancer which is created by drinking coffee. The perfect cup of tea can also be made out of tea bags. It is a very simple process. Take hot water as per your requirement. Use a tea bag then pour hot water into it and let it brew for five minutes. Remove the tea bag and have the tea by adding milk and sugar or honey as per required. There are various flavors in tea bags such as melon and green, orange spice black, winter mint, more of traditional flavors are jasmine blossom green, Moroccan mint tea, earl grey black and green organic tea, green tea, black tea and various other flavored teas also come in tea bags. Tetley and Lipton are a few major companies that have created a name for them selves in that tea bags industry. Apart from that there are various national and local companies around the world offering flavored tea bags. Flavored tea bags have become an important part of our daily fast moving lives were people do not have the time to brew tea's. in that case tea bags are a brilliant invention especially flavored tea bags.