Fruit Flavored Tea

Fruit flavored tea is made by blending fruit peels and dried pieces together. It can either be a blend of one fruit or a blend combination of a few of them. If you are some one who likes ice tea then the delicious fruit flavored teas are a must pick for you. Tea in itself is a refreshing beverage and when delicious fruit infusions are added to it, it adds along with refreshment, the enjoyment of sweet fruit flavors. If you are bored of drinking green tea or black tea then a real easy way to move this boredom is by brewing it with fruit peels or dried fruit pieces. These fruit flavored teas can be either enjoyed hot or cold. In order to know more about flavored tea, let's take a look at the processing steps;

* Topmost leaves and buds are plucked manually.

* The plucked leaves are left for 24hrs to wither.

* Withered leaves are crushed between metal rollers.

* Crushed leaves are allowed to oxidize in open air.

* Finally the oxidized leaves are heated so as to remove any remaining moisture.

The type of oxidation is what determines whether black tea, green tea or any other tea is produced. To this produced tea, fruit peels and dried fruit pieces are blended to give fruit flavored tea.

There are many brands of fruit flavored tea available in the market like Harrison's & Crosfield, Taylor's of Harrogate, English tea store brand, Twining, and so on. Each brand provides a variety of fruit flavored teas like green apple, arctic raspberry, lemon, blackcurrant, etc. Some other flavors are jasmine, cinnamon, peach, mango, and vanilla. Other citrus fruit combinations include berries. These fruit flavors add a different magnitude to the ordinary black or green tea. An iced tea flavor combination is that of white grapes and lemon, which is good to be sipped in hot summers. Whereas for those chill winters, spiced orange brew is the best choice. As there are many flavors to choose from one should narrow down their choice.

One can use flavors like chocolate, coffee, blackcurrant or plums for black tea, as black tea is the strongest of all teas and can withstand strong flavors. On the other hand, green tea flavors well with herbs like mint and ginger and almost with any fruit. White tea blends well with flavors like melon, peach, jasmine, rose or pear, as it's a very light tea. More than for having flavored tea for taste its good to choose it for its health benefits, as these contains anti-oxidants which will provide you with a healthy drink.