Fujian Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea first originated in China. It was originally known as the Chinese Dragon Tea. It is the traditional tea of China, which comes in between green tea and black tea. The taste of the oolong tea also lies in between green tea and black tea. It leaves a sweet taste after the bitterness of the leaves fade away. It is usually brewed to be strong and pungent with a sweet after taste. It does not have either a sweet aroma or a rosy taste of black tea, or the vegetable touch of Green tea.

The oolong tea leaves are processed mainly in 2 steps, that is, they are either rolled into small balls or rolled into long leaves. The clear distinction can be made by just mere observation that the oolong tea leaves is round in shape and less fermented than black tea, thus showing its freshness.

Oolong tea is a tea that is great quality which is made available in the markets at a very reasonable rate.

The oolong tea offers many benefits which release us of mental as well as physical aches, pains and tensions. One of the most attractions of oolong tea is the property of this tea which helps reduce obesity and hypolipidaemic effect. Oolong tea prevents the problem of fatty liver that is brought about a high fat diet that people have today. Other benefits include the ability of the oolong tea to prevent tooth decays well as atopic dermatitis. At the same time there are many types of oolong teas. The difference comes with the different growing conditions as well as the method of production. There are mainly 2 types or methods of producing oolong tea.

The caffeine content in the Oolong tea may come as a surprise to many. This is because people have a misunderstanding that the caffeine content increases with the increase in fermentation. But this is a wrong concept. The caffeine content depends on the plant variety and leaf age. It has nothing to do with the amount of fermentation. Actually the more the tea leaves ferment, the more the content of caffeine keeps on reducing.

Some tea tips are:

*Avoid using oolong tea bags.

*Do not drink more than 6 mugs in a day.

*always discard the first infusion.

Therefore consumption of oolong tea should be done accordingly and carefully, as too much of anything can be dangerous.