Full Leaf Tea

The readers who regularly follow the tea articles by now know it very well that the, full leaf tea is the one that renders maximum benefits. These benefits might then be the aroma, taste, quality, fineness and even the health benefits. Very often, the people have to make a choice between the tealeaves and the tea bags. Therefore, along with the above-mentioned benefits there are several other things that they need to consider. Some of them are the convenience to use and the preferences. However, it is not a surprise that the option of full leaves tea will always be better than the tea bags one. Today the supermarkets are flooded with variety of tea bags that are available in many flavors. There are multiple reasons why the super markets do so. However, that is not our point of discussion.

The main reason why the full leaves tea is beneficial than the tea bags is that, the tea leaves are available in the most natural from without too much processing. This retains the natural components from being manipulated. The antioxidants and the other components in the tealeaves are intact, that renders the fine quality and maximum benefits. In case of teabags, the natural element is twisted as the tealeaves undergo many processing steps. From being plucked to their packing in the teabags, there are many things that matter a lot.

With the tealeaves, the water that surrounds them during the brewing brings out the best flavors and tastes from them. This is not possible with the teabags because of the cramp ness of the bags. The tealeaves do not even lose the oils that are major contributors to the healthy benefits. The tea bag often loses them as it the leaves are beaten to turn into a powder so that they can be filled in the tea bags and made available for the consumption.

It is important to understand therefore that the full leaf tea will be the most beneficial if consumed in more proportion as compared to the tea bag consumption. However it still is not the topic of debate as to opt for the either or option entirely depends on the consumers as to what is favorable to them and their families. However, as far as my personal opinion matters I will say that it will not be ideal to opt for something that is inferior as compared to the options available for subordinate reasons.