Ginger Herbal Tea

If you were down with fever on not so fine day and to soothe the cold and flu that resulted the fever you had the ginger herbal tea then it can be concluded that you have an idea of the medicinal uses of such tea. It not just that it relieves the body from the cold or the flu but it is even a fact that it is very good to taste. The ginger herbal tea can even be had at other times when you are not sick. The tea facilities rapids circulation of the blood, which helps to keep the body temperature warmer. The moving of the mucous further helps to kill the bacteria and the viruses in the body.

Primary Medicinal Uses

Ginger herbal tea has been used worldwide to get rid of the general infections and health concerns like the chills, fevers, nausea, reliving of earache, bronchial infections, coughing and the infections of the throat. The circulation of the system of the heart also improves with the regular intake of the ginger herbal tea.

Combination with Other Components

The medicinal properties are multiplied if the ginger herbal tea is combined and served with some other components. The honey forms a best combination with this tea. Honey can be an alternative to sugar as the use of sugar involves many risks. It is helpful in fighting the infections as it is termed as an anti bacterial. It is mainly helpful if the infection is that of the vocal cord. The combination of the ginger herbal tea with honey is a mixture that is much enriched with minerals. They together help to build strong immune power. Ginger herbal tea brewed with honey and water together will further be even more useful as the water is the friendliest component of honey that extracts all the medicinal qualities from it.

How to use it

In order to use the honey in the honey in the ginger herbal tea you will just have to prepare a mixture of the ginger and the honey. You can scrape the ginger skin and then smash it so that the juices can be mixed with the honey to form a good combination. The ginger that is smashed can then be poured in the jar. Once this is done, just pour the honey over the ginger in the jar and mix it properly. After 4-5 days, this mixture can then be added to the tea to make the ginger herbal tea with honey.