Ginseng Green Tea

Green tea is known for its medicinal value. The Chinese have in particular between known to have too much love for green tea as they consider it as one of the best sources of medicine. Many people are however embracing the fact that green tea is better than other common beverages and thus going for the beverage in place of other long time favorite beverages such as coffee and cocoa.

Ginseng is a medicinal root that originated from Manchuria in China; this root was discovered over 5000 years ago and has been in use since then. According to the Chinese, the ginseng root had outstanding curative values and as such would lead to long life full of health. Out of the growing belief in this root, the demand for it overshot the supply that could be available from mainland china and there fore the root had to be imported from neighboring places such as Korea to supplement the supply form the main land.

As a root, ginseng is used both in its fresh form as well as in dry state. The dry state is favorable if the root is to be preserved and used at a later date. It is also important to note that originally ginseng grew as a wild plant and people just picked it from the forest like most traditional herbs were picked. However following an excessive increase in the demand for the root, many farmers began to cultivate it as a cash crop.

To date the root is cultivated as a cash crop and the demand for the root has crossed Chinese boundaries and hit the international market due to its outstanding performance as a medicinal drug. Many people however claim that the home grown ginseng root is much less in medicinal value as compared to the wild ginseng.

The packaging of the ginseng green tea is variable as it can be found in many different forms. The root can be cut into slices and dried before being sold meaning that you can get it in slices or in powder form. Some people grind it and dry it before packing it into containers of different sizes and variable costs. One important thing to know about the ginseng root is the fact that this medicinal plant takes about six years before its roots mature enough to provide the necessary nutrients that make it achieve its medicinal value. There are two types of ginseng although they are all made from the same root. Only the preparation method makes the difference.