Ginseng Oolong Tea


Ginseng oolong tea is a refreshing blend of ginseng and oolong tea. This tea is an exquisite combination of lightly oxidized green oolong and revitalizing ginseng which is well proportioned and is stimulating to the body. High quality oolong tea leaves are mixed with the roots of ginseng to produce the delicious taste of ginseng oolong tea which refills your energy. Oolong is semi fermented and is grown is the southern regions of china. Its origin is in Taiwan and there are almost 11 types of oolongs. Ginseng is a frequently used medicinal herb. The blend of oolong and ginseng has a light aroma with a sweet flavor with a slight trace of bitterness. The ginseng oolong tea is a premium fine oolong tea powdered with ginseng roots. There is a combination of sweetness and bitterness it in aftertaste. In short one can say that this tea has a strong aroma with the crisp taste of oolong with a refreshing ginseng aftertaste.

Oolong tea is very effective in preventing indigestion and also helps in lowering the cholesterol level and this when combined with the medicinal herb, ginseng, gives many health benefits. This is because the properties of ginseng aids in preventing heart diseases by helping in lowering the blood pressure and cholesterol level and it is also believed that it has the property to stop the growth of some cancerous tumors. The ginseng oolong tea aids in digestion as well as helps in warming the stomach. It even enhances ones physical and mental stamina revitalizes cell activity, helps in combating with stress and fatigue as well as in boosting the immune system.


Drinking of ginseng oolong tea provide with many health benefits such as;

* It helps in decreasing the absorption of fats and carbohydrates in the body.

* Its aids in digestion and helps in warming the stomach.

* It has the property to stop the growth of cancerous cells and thus help in preventing cancer like skin cancers, ovarian cancers, etc.

* Eases the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

* It helps in stimulating the body as well as in restoring the energy level in the body.

* Ginseng used to protect the liver and boost the immune system.

The beneficial health effects of this tea can be derived only by drinking it without milk because the proteins in the milk decrease the tea compounds which help in protecting against heart diseases. The lingering rich taste and aftertaste sweetness makes ginseng oolong tea, a desirable one.