Glass Tea Sets

When most people think of a tea pot they usually think of the pretty porcelain or ceramic chubby little pots with flowers painted on them. Actually there are a number of different styles of tea pots. But with the increasing popularity of tea around the globe a new generation of tea drinkers are making their own traditions and one of those is the glass tea set.

While glass tea sets have a long way to go before they can challenge porcelain or clay people all over are finding that glass has some unique characteristics that other materials don't have. Glass for instance does not impart any flavor to the tea like so many other materials do. Glass is a much better conductor of heat then most materials and it can be tinted during the blowing process to give it any shade and you are still able to look inside, while it is steeping to keep and eye on it Glass is much easier to clean and doesn't retain the taste of old tea. Finally, glass can be shaped into almost any shape imaginable giving users a much greater variety of pots, cups and saucers to choose from.

Not everyone agrees that glass is the way to go though. There are detractors who claim that glass doesn't hold the heat as well as others. This is really the only objection they have that has any foundation. Glass does have its drawbacks and heat retention is one of them. The benefits in taste alone are enough to out weight such objections.

Finding a good glass tea set might be a problem. I understand that good ones are hard to find even in China these days. If you live in a big city you might get lucky and find a specialty shop who carry?s them or and importer who sells retail. The best place to search for a good glass tea set is online. The selection available online will be much greater than any store you can find and the prices will probably be lower by far.

One other resource for finding glass tea sets is at estate auctions. These tea sets are popular and having been showing up at auctions. And since glass tea sets are a relatively new innovation you won't be paying antique prices.