Good Herbal Tea

All tea is, of course, herbal--being made from the main family of the tea plant camellia sinesis, which is found and enjoyed worldwide. Wild tea plants are not so palatable, but commercial growing of the tea plants not only produce excellent breeds of tea but also allow for the creation of new tea types that made even better hybrid sort of tea mixes. Aside from this tea in itself, it is common to find tea mixed with other fruit, herbs and extracts, mainly to add even more variety in taste than with just ordinary tea. The additional ingredients, whether herbs or fruits are not a moot point, not only add to the taste but also to the aroma and health qualities of the tea.

There is a practically limitless range of herbal teas to choose from. Artichoke herbal tea has any health y benefits, as well as Boldo tea which is drunk to alleviate indigestion or upset stomachs. Ku ding tea is a type of tisane tea that is recommended to those who have problems with blood pressure--this tea can help lower it and aid the circulation. Taheebo tea does nearly the same, as well as being anti-aging as well as helping the body become more energetic. It is recommended to both youth and adults to maintain a healthy body, good circulation and retain their stamina. Fennel tea is not only most well known for being a weight loss tea but it is said to also improve the vision--very good for those who have vision problems. Hawthorn is known for reducing blood cholesterol and removing fatty material from the bloodstream, and would reduce the risk on the heart. Aside from obvious benefits, mint tea has also become very popular not only for its taste but also for its fragrance. It is most often used for its incredibly relaxing aroma. The mountain tea coming from the Balkans, grown some three thousand feet above sea level which have warm climate, is reported to be a cure-all tea, which the people from the Mediterranean swear by especially when dealing with colds. Spruce tea has copious amounts of Vitamin C, a vitamin against scurvy and good also for the bloodstream for both young and old. Sri Lanka's serendib tea is a great tea to fight against diabetes, while hibiscus blended with rose hip tea, very popular in Japan's Okinawa region has been proven to have attributes that would improve a person's longevity.