Green Tea And White Tea

The green tea, when the name is pronounced it will not make the people scratch their heads as this is quite a popular stuff in the households today. However, the problem arises when we have to talk about the white tea. This name itself can be a surprise for many people, forget about the possibility that they are aware of the insights. Since the green tea and the white tea originate from the same source, they share the same benefits. We will compare and see the benefits of both these forms of the teas and then the readers will be able to come to a solid conclusion about them.

White Tea Compared with the Green Tea

It is going more and more recognition and so it is important that we understand what white tea is. What are the features that have to be compared with the green tea?

The tealeaves are plucked at the very nascent stage. They are just plucked even when the white hairline is visible on them and so the name white tea. It does not undergo much processing. The processing is the same as the processing of the green tealeaves. Here are some distinctive as well as the common features of the green tea and the white tea.

The taste of the green tea is much bitter to taste as compared to the white tea. The white tea is much sweeter and lighter than the green tea. The brewing process is also almost the same. The tealeaves should not be steeped at the point that is above the boiling point.

The organic component contents are even the same. It might be slightly here and there.

The caffeine content in the green tea is more than the caffeine content in the white tea. The ratio of the caffeine content is 4:3 respectively. The green tea is the only form of the tea whereas the white tea is available in the following varieties.

1. Golden moon

2. White cloud

3. white peony

4. Silver needle

The antioxidants in the green tea are slightly less than the white tea. The following are the benefits of the antioxidants.

1. Cancer cell growth is restricted by them

2. It lowers down the blood pressure

3. It prevents the cardiac arrests

4. The circulation of the heart blood is improved

5. Cholesterol reduction

6. Balancing of the sugar level in the blood

7. It helps in fighting with the common infections by improving the immunity power.