Green Tea Bags

There are many rumors that green tea has great healing and restorative properties. They are finding that if you drink up to 10 cups a day you will live many years longer than someone in the same circumstances doesn't. there is one report from a Japanese study which conclusively showed that people who only drank three cups a day added three years of life expectancy simply because the tea seems to be protecting it?s users from cancer. Several other studies have shown that green tea can prevent rheumatoid arthritis or, if you already suffer from it green tea will reduce the symptoms significantly. There also seems to be a link to breast cancer reduction in women who drink several cups a day.

There is also some evidence that green tea can be effective in helping to lose weight. The Asian peoples have been drinking green tea for millennia and claim it is responsible for the low incidences of obesity among the population. Green tea is inexpensive and can be found in stores every where or you can order in bulk online. It tastes a bit like leaves and looks like liquid grass but it is easy to get use to and the health benefits alone are worth the taste.

One of the reasons green tea is so effective against cancer it that it is extremely high in cancer fighting antioxidants. The flip side though is the high caffeine content. There are ways to enjoy green tea and its health benefits though. First know your teas. If you want to cut the caffeine get older leaves and stay away from the terminal buds and adjacent two leaves. These are the sweetest on the plant but also have the highest amount of caffeine.

Don't try to use color to judge caffeine content. Just because the tea flush is dark doesn't mean this plant has more caffeine than any other. This is where the caffeine is concentrated in all plants. You will want to stay away from green tea bags also as they contain consistently more caffeine then do loose leaf. Loose leaf is generally a better quality also.