Green Tea Black Tea

You have probably heard a lot about both- the green and black tea and you have already chosen which brew you like more. However, the aim of this article is not to make you change your mind or something like that but just to make you aware of the last research and what the scientists claim about these two beverages. I am sure that you will learn a lot of new facts no matter how knowledgeable you are!

Let me first start with the black tea. It used to be underestimated a lot because of the caffeine which it contains. However, as it was proved that caffeine is not only harmful but even good for us, the people started to pay more serious attention to the black beverage. What you should know is that a cup of black tea contains around 300 milligrams caffeine. And the scientists claim that our bodies can "handle" around 400 milligrams a day which means that one cup of black tea will really not do any harm to our organisms. But the research also shows that the black tea protects the consumers from several kinds of cancer- breast cancer, lung cancer and even tumors in the brain. It was a huge surprise to everybody that the black beverage also helps people having arthritis and osteoporosis.

And now we are going to focus on the green tea and the benefits which it gives. You have probably heard a lot and know that the green tea is considered to be the most useful brew on the planet. You are certainly aware of the fact that it protects from lung cancer, lymphoma and almost all kinds of tumors. It really sounds like a magic beverage but those are the facts! However, you should note that we do not say that the green tea cures those awful diseases because it does not; it does nothing else but protecting you and decreasing the chance of becoming a victim of those diseases.

As you could see the black and the green tea are both very beneficial and useful for our organisms as they both contain a lot of vitamins (especially vitamin A and E) and antioxidants. However, it was thought that the green tea is much more useful than the black brew, which is totally untrue. The conclusion is that we should totally change our attitude towards the black tea because it has already been proved that it is even more helpful in the fight against some diseases.