Green Tea Chai

Green tea has been in the menus of many eastern countries for nearly a millennium and in western countries including Europe and America for centuries. Having come form the east, the green tea chai must have gotten its name from the traditional term used to call the beverage. Tea is commonly referred to as chai in a large number of eastern languages and it is from this term that the western countries decided to brand their tea when they started including it in their menus as a way of distinguishing it from the traditionally common beverages that were popular in western countries.

Some of the leading producers of green tea chai are found in the eastern continents and Africa with china, India Thailand Pakistan and east African countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, and Malawi among others. The tea is graded before being packed for export and their quality is also verified since the cost of the tea in the world market is determined by the grading. Kenya in east Africa is known to produce quite outstandingly high quality tea in the entire world with most of its tea being used to mix with tea from other regions to uplift their taste quality and flavor.

The term green tea chai is however not the same as the green tea chai as may be translated from the meaning of the term chai in its original countries, it was a name compounded by several tea houses in the western countries and America who wanted to depict the difference between the regular tea and the outstanding tea that was imported from the eastern countries. This was mainly because the majority of clients in their restaurants had already shown some love for the tea that came from the east and therefore the restaurant owners knew that giving their tea a name that sounded eastern could give their tea the status of the eastern originating teas and such restaurants would enjoy better patronage as compared to their counterparts who did not have the specialty.

The fame of the tea has grown beyond the ordinary especially because an increased number of customers have become more conscious about their diet and health thus paying closer attention to the nutritional value of the food they eat. This has put tea in front of other initially popular beverages in the west such as coffee which is known to have too much caffeine as compared to the green tea.