Green Tea Pot

You may have heard about green tea even if you may not have heard about green tea pot. Green tea has gained popularity among the people trying to lose weight rapidly. There are numerous benefits of green tea and weight loss is among the few main health benefits of green tea.

As green tea became a huge success among the people trying to lose weight, the green tea pots also acquired instant fame. However, many people are still not aware of the different types of green tea pots available in the market. The vast varieties offered in the market makes it extremely tough for the people to select a good green pot. You should have a proper understanding about the different varieties offered so that you can make a good choice.

Different types of materials are used for manufacturing teapots. This has become a main classification. The main materials used for making teapots are clay, glass, ceramic and metal. The way people use them has been the decisive factor in choosing between the materials. For tough and rough usage, the teapots made up of metal will be the best option. However, if you are among those people who are looking for style and elegance more than anything else is, you may go for the teapots made up of glass, clay or ceramic. The traditional teapots were made out of clay and this has been a main reason why clay teapots are popular. Glass and ceramic teapots have come into the market considerably recent when compared with clay teapots. The varieties offered in clay, glass and ceramics would not be available in metal teapots. However, a good number of people prefer buying metal teapots, as they are extremely durable.

The position of handle in the teapots has also been a major factor to consider when it comes to teapots. When some people prefer the ones with side handle, some other prefer buying the ones with back handle. The teapots with side handles are commonly used in Japan.

Another major variation is the type of strainer used in the teapots. Strainers can be the ones made up of metal, ceramic or even clay. The quality of a green teapot will be evident from the strainer used in it. Some manufacturers just put some holes in the body of the teapot to make a strainer whereas some others attach specialized strainers. In short, selecting a green tea pot is not a simple thing to do.