Green Tea Sets

A fresh cup of tea is all that it takes to start one's day...How often have you heard it? Tea affects the daily habits of almost all the habitants of this earth. But the tea we are mentioning here is about black tea which is the most popular form of tea...While the World sipped black the Chinese however sipped it more raw...which was green ... Green tea sets were a tradition for centuries in China before the world took notice. Japan closely followed it up, although the exact date when this type and form of Tea was invented remains debated on.

The existence of the Green tea sets and especially why the name Green is because of the colour that the tea exhibited when served. Incidentally the usual black tea is also derived form the same leaves that the green tea is derived of? What is the difference between the two ? The only difference between the two forms is the amount of processing each of them undergo. Black tea is severely processed while the Green Tea is not. It is said that only after a very preliminary processing the tea leaves are dried and are ready for usage. This results that leaves still possess the Chlorophyll which induces the natural green colour.

Astonishingly despite the origin of green tea is in the east, the maximum usage of the tea has been in the West. The main reason has been the various health benefits that have been documented about it. The medical stand on green tea actually promoted it and marketed it more aggressively than the tea it self. The antioxidants that the green tea contains are known for warding off Cancer and other heart ailments. Weight loss, cholesterol levels management is also something that research has found about green tea. Skin benefits and the calm effect that the tea has on the human mind have made it a complete health product.

Green Tea sets however may not be visible as the original Chinese and Japanese Cultures promoted Tea as a ceremony, but have been replaced by more trendy drinks , like Iced Green tea , Tea Brew shops etc. It has become more of a style Mantra now...But certainly for sure Green Tea is here to stay and we will continue to hear people saying " Let's have tea !!!".